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About Us

The name of two dynamic souls with merge for one destination.  A whole concept for ride towards the establish a thought of unbelievable landmark in a CONNOISSEURS Way. The one of them came for another destination mark up to release the whole painful story of universal act.

A searching mind draw a sketch of one Lucy which one have lots of potentials who has capable to turned down the aggressive moment of unseen natural climate.

The 24th day of July 1989 an infant was born in Gazipur surrounding natural environment under Nawada District in Bihar. In just 11 years before another was born in Bihar Patna Town. Both from the very childhood came in from a narrow escape and both settled in the same city and one day by the Grace of Almighty God both came together with a vision. They lived and slept on bare concrete floors, slept on rope beds and cooked on an open fire in the brickyard in a house.

Their rich and varied experience made them an authority in the world of Business as they learnt the intricacies of the business through their imaginary and target.

Their story of success and prominence clearly shows how determination and perseverance, when coupled with knowledge, clear vision and proper planning, enable one to reach the peak of success and leadership. A straight forward person, they don’t believe in resorting to bribery or corruption to get things done and associates quality with integrity. They both were an absolute work alcoholic and according to them hard work is the only way to success and survival in a competitive environment. A tough employer, they expects their employees to be competent and will not tolerate lies or deception from anyone.

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